10 steps to successful social media copywriting

February 25, 2014


Social Media offers your brand an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and through what you say and how you say it, you can make or break that relationship. That’s why we have developed ten steps to success in getting people to listen to you through your Social Media copywriting.

The value of using social media platforms to create dialogue between a brand and its audience is precious and offers an instant voice with people that have chosen to follow or like you. The added bonus of gaining motivational background to customers and potential customers cements social media’s position within your brands communication mix.

Viewed by many as a simple and repetitive task, keeping in touch with your audience using social media platforms in the right manner is a critical part of your brands personality. Just the same as if your brand were a person – what you say shapes you as a person and whether people love you or hate you!

STEP 1 – Have a plan 

What do you want to achieve and how are you going to do that? Rather than just firing out posts that are not co-ordinated think about your audience and that each post is part of a big picture or story that you are creating, so it all needs to fit. Build an understanding of what your readers would want to know about and plan out how you will deliver this through your social media posts.

STEP 2 – Keep it to the point  

The nature of social media means people dip in and out and therefore what you write needs to be immediate. Of course in circumstances that require more information you can add a link for people to find the information they need.

STEP 3 – Tone of voice  

Make sure that your brand sounds like someone you would want to be friends with. If you are approachable and friendly people will engage. Your posts should be entertaining and of interest yet retain professionalism as this is after all the voice of your brand and what you say should not damage its integrity in any way.

STEP 4 – Make a connection  

This invaluable source of contact with your customers is to be cherished and nourished. Once you have made the connection, use it to ask opinion, share things they would like and generally look after your ‘flock’.

STEP 5 – What and when?

Don’t bore people into switching off. Think about how often is enough… Critique your content, deciding whether it’s important or useful for your audience, if not don’t say it!

STEP 6 – Don’t be shy!  

Striking a balance is important in sharing the right amount of information so whilst you should not bore your audience you must also keep them wanting more! People forget so get the balance right and keep in touch.

STEP 7 – Don’t sound like a salesman!  

You’re trying to build a relationship with your audience and not constantly bombard them with self-promotion.  You are aiming to become an authority that your audience looks up to and respects placing you front of mind in your field.

STEP 8 – Don’t be a bore!  

This is, after all, about what matters to your audience, not you. The old adage – Customer Comes First – still rings true! Everything you share in social media brings knowledge from your industry and is worthy of reading.

STEP 9 – Manners are still important  

Slang or emoticons can appear unprofessional and you should try to avoid using them, however each business should still understand the language used by its’ audience.

STEP 10 – Check, check and check Again!  

People remember mistakes – so avoid making them by thoroughly checking your posts before you publish them. So to make sure people remember what your post is about as opposed to the blatant spelling mistake you made: CHECK, CHECK and CHECK AGAIN.

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