As a brand your success can be crucially affected by the way you use social media to engage with your audience.

In the past the buzz words were all around SEO and making sure you were building links and optimizing content pages to achieve success with your online presence.

Things move fast online and with Google Adwords altering the results in the search rankings, a new way of building a successful online presence has emerged that is more powerful and full of opportunity than ever before.

Now you need to be dynamic, engaging and interactive with your audience, to stand out from the crowd. Social media has the power to help you do that.

1. Link building shows its true colours

Not very long ago we were in the habit of relying on building links and improving the search ranking for our websites. Google would use this data to score your site and its popularity. However companies became wise to this and employed agents to improve ranking. Through link farms or groups of websites that link to each other and are created through automated programs and services.

The proof of popularity now comes from social media channels that are more difficult to manipulate and offer solid proof that a brand is interacting with its audience.

2. The power of many

You are essentially building a team of advocates; people that will appreciate what you post and will often share with their network – spreading the word.

However you need to be social and keep getting out there with nuggets of information that keep your team well nourished and encourage their loyalty and engagement with you.

3. Be actively social!

Treat it like Christmas every day! You have to be constant in your attention to social media to keep your audience going. What you aim to do is become a voice of authority and interest – so you feed the audience with relevant and interesting information that they can share.

4. Measure your social media pulse

We began by saying that link building measurement was becoming less crucial and this is where the measure of your social media success comes in.

You will be evaluated by the amount of content you share, how many visits your site gets for social channels, how many followers do you have and can your visitors share content easily?

It’s through all this that your social media health can be assessed.

5. Generate real traffic to your website

The vast majority of traffic generated by SEO links doesn’t bring new visitors to your website. However social links have the power to bring visitors and also to build your followers in social media circles as well as expanding your social network. These people can in future become promoters of your brand.

6. Focus on being valuable

The value of what you do and say online is crucial to keeping your audience satisfied. Stay informed on what’s relevant to your business and share this with everyone via your channels. Build your online personality and be natural – people engage with other people when they sound real and honest, so they genuinely like them!

Be indispensable and people will attract other people, building your audience.