Usually with website design projects there is time available for all concerned to plan, create, test and feedback on each part. However, there will be times when your web presence needs refreshed quickly to meet a time-critical demand like an industry event or a special marketing campaign.

Hookson was recently approached by a technology start-up to redesign their website in time for an important industry event. The deadline was a lot shorter than usual but a schedule was created that allowed adequate feedback while keeping momentum up on each key stage.

The temptation with tight timescales is often to cut out steps in the process in order to speed things along. Rather than do this – and risk timely changes further down the project – we simply compressed our usual website project process. This essentially meant providing each important design element – mood boards, asset samples and page designs – as quickly as possible and then seeking feedback on the same day as per the schedule. It also involved working consecutively on elements that were not directly reliant on each other, such as content, asset design and template build.

The site was designed; content was planned, collated and edited; and then the site was built within a week in order to be launched in time for the event, see the finished website here.  There will be further developments to the site over time as the business develops but the project demonstrates what is possible in a short period of time with some careful planning and efficient working.