At Hookson we love a challenge. And coming up with interesting and web friendly names for companies or brands is certainly challenging. But there are some things we’ve learnt about brand naming along the way that we wanted to share.

Choosing your company or brand name is a crucial part of business planning. It’s how people will identify your products and services; and with a bit of luck the name will be around for some time so it’s important that you’re comfortable with it. At Hookson the first thing we do in a brand naming project is really get to know our clients – what are they all about? What makes them tick? What do they like and dislike? What is the essence of their brand and vision for its development?

Once we’ve got under the skin of our client’s brand, we start thinking about generating naming options. But there are still a lot of considerations beyond whether our client simply likes or dislikes a particular name.

A name needs to be memorable and distinctive. It should be easy to remember and non-complex. It also should inspire interest and create a buzz. Any name that is too descriptive can kill any curiosity. When brand naming we think about whether it’s easy to pronounce (sounds obvious but this is how a message will spread by word of mouth).

It needs to be web and social media friendly. Is there a URL available (no easy task these days) or can a  memorable URL be bought that is derived from the name? Is there a good Twitter handle and Facebook page available? We also think about how it might work in an email address or as part of a logo.

Perhaps the most important lesson of all is to do your homework. We always research competitors and related sectors when working on brand naming project to ensure we avoid duplication. It’s surprising how many great names die at the first cut as they’ve already been taken.