Branding the Mediterranean Marketplace

When Valia and Ioannis contacted us with their exciting plans to bring the bounty of the Mediterranean marketplace to the UK we knew that there was lots we could help with. Their concept is simple; to source wonderful foodstuffs from small, independent Greek growers and share these products with both online and in-store customers. Underpinning their plan; however, is a truly refreshing ethos. Based on sustainability of production, organic credentials, purity and traditional production methods; their ultimate aim is to supply foods that promote happiness and wellbeing. Our challenge lay in creating an exciting brand proposition that stood out from the crowd.

First things first, every good plan needs a name and that’s where we started. Whilst Greek in origin and in spirit, research suggested that between the ubiquitous olive and the Greek gods and goddesses, the market was pretty well subscribed with traditional names. So, we went a bit deeper. Having come up with the “marketplace” as an overarching concept we worked with Valia and Ioannis and went way back to ancient Greece to discover not just what they called their markets, but also the culture and habits they practiced there. Opsonia was born; the ancient Greek term describing the art of food shopping!

With a name now in frame perfectly marrying the business plan with its Greek heritage, the branding activities progressed. We created a brand story for Opsonia that harked back to the ancient Greek market and the legend of Athena and Poseidon who competed for guardianship of Athens. This story delivered the brand motif, the owl, the symbol of Athena, and important throughout centuries of Greek culture.

The website came next  (click here to see the website) and with it, the opportunity to share the passion and excitement that drives Opsonia. With a high street presence and online store yet to be developed, the website launch gave Valia and Ioannis a presence with which to introduce their brand. Additionally, and vital in the pre-opening phase for the store, the capability to share their experiences as they travel across Greece, on their very own Mediterranean Odyssey, sourcing the products that they will sell. The website allows real-time blogging of their journey and showcases the credentials of the food they will share. As the larder fills, we continue to build the online store. In due course the “Coming Soon” sign in the window will be replaced with one that reads “Open”!

Supporting the website activity and deepening the connections between Opsonia, the food and prospective customers, we introduced an integrated social media campaign. Designed to share food ideas and traditions, recipes and learning, platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and Google+. More than just a store, Opsonia’s presence is already a gastronomic experience!

So, while we eagerly await Valia and Ioannis’ return with laden baskets, we can still share in the experience and delights of their sourcing tour across Greece. Why not join us and follow them on their Mediterranean Odyssey, and be first in the queue when the door opens?

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