The issue of brand building perplexes many a marketer. ‘Get out and sell more’ is often the response from the Boss when confronted with the effort and expense of building a brand. As a result, many companies repeatedly sideline brand concerns and continue to trudge uphill, simply trying to sell to the next client or project.

Many people don’t realise that everyone in the company is already involved in brand building whether they know it or not. Every communication, every interaction with the marketplace contributes to the overall perception and understanding of who you are as a company.

Do you consciously and deliberately control these perceptions or just let them happen? If you do, you run the risk of letting the market develop its own impression of you whether you like it or not. You’ll be missing out on highly competitive opportunities to make your brand a direct and powerful force for sales and business growth.

From our experience helping numerous companies confront and overcome the brand challenge, we have distilled a set of key principles and tools for building brands that sell.

First, we identify the purpose of a brand from the buyer’s and seller’s perspective – a prerequisite before trying to market or sell something.

Second, we identify a set of five ‘permissions’ – 5 things buyers let companies with good brands do, that they don’t let companies with ill-defined brands do.

And third, we develop an easy reference guide which you can start using today to help build the right brand on a budget.

I will share our key principles and tools over the coming weeks.