We have been working with our client AWG Property recently to design a campaign to promote their retail complex at Cambuslang. The complex is part of a residential and commercial mixed use development with all the apartments in the residential development having now been sold.

As a design agency it’s always a real pleasure to work on a project where we get to design and create a new brand from scratch. And in this instance our role was to design a new logo, image strategy and look and feel which we then applied across a number of outputs including brochure, site signage and website.

We saw an opportunity to position the complex as being right at the heart of the Cambuslang community, due to its mixed use role and this was reflected in the logo design which highlights the US in the name. This was then followed through in the images which combined dynamic images of both the building and potential customers of the retail development.

The simple nature of the website meant it was perfect for a Tumblr site as all the information is easily accessible on a single page. It also gives a nice friendly and informal feeling to the site which suits the community nature of the development.

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