We’ve just helped deliver another new business venture into the world with a naming, branding and website project to launch The Imperators.

How do you name a collective of IT and Business Change Specialists, who are leaders in their field? The way we always do, by understanding our clients’ business inside out and by really getting under their skin. We wanted to reflect the business ethos that guides their customers through the perils of major change initiatives and to embody their skills, leadership and knowledge. What better analogy to draw than that of the Roman commander leading the charge on the fields of glory?!

The sensitive and often complex nature of their business, in change, led us to create uncomplicated graphics that readily inform, educate and guide.

Iconic imagery created for the responsive website is vibrant and draws from a core colour palette. The homepage assets subdivide each business service, making it easy for users to navigate to their particular area of interest.

The logo created as a stylised graphic shield, underpins the commanding concept and reflects guardianship of their customers’ business during change.

Visit their website to see our branding and website project for yourself.