Our work for Cosmo’s Pizzas, Scotland’s very own pizza company, has included design of the entire range of pizza packaging. This was a hugely important task for Cosmo’s since the pack design must promote the brand and its values. It also needs to show-off the product and have stand-out on the supermarket shelves next to supermarket own-brand and other branded products.

We developed a range of possible design ideas playing on the authentic, family values promoted by the Cosmo’s Pizza brand and also its Italian roots. The short-listed design ideas were then tested in consumer research. This was carried out with supermarket customers to test comprehension, stand out, likeability and how well they conveyed Cosmo’s brand values.

The winning design, now rolled out to supermarkets and retailers across Scotland, uses a chopping board to convey the authentic hand-finished nature of the product. We also included family photographs of Cosmo and his family to demonstrate the family values and Italian heritage of the brand.

One of the main challenges was how to convey the range and differentiate the products easily to consumers on the supermarket shelves. We achieved that using colour coding to allow quick and easy identification of your favourite pizza.

The new packaging has been tremendously well received by consumers so far, and Cosmo and his family are delighted with their new design too. See more of our work with Cosmo’s Pizzas at www.cosmospizzas.co.uk