Fired Earth, the well-established and recognised High Street name, wanted to reenergise interest in its ‘Colours’ range and introduce it to new customers. This exclusive paint range is produced in collaboration with well-known ‘Grand Designs’ TV personality, Kevin McCloud. Using Kevin’s keen understanding of the interaction of architecture, light and colour proved key to promoting the range to a wider audience and encouraging buy-in to the Fired Earth brand.

Our integrated national marketing campaign spanned digital channels, Facebook and Twitter, with reinforcement through in-store promotions across the Fired Earth shop network and B&Q outlet concessions.

Our starting point focussed upon developing campaign co-branding for the Fired Earth and Kevin McCloud brands. This complete, we created a powerful design style for the paint promotion using especially commissioned ‘on location’ room sets. The strong design style perfectly showcased the new paint range and carried through to the all-important paint card. The ubiquitous paint card, essential for consumers to view the range and support buying decisions, brought the range to life through beautiful photographic images of the room sets. Carefully crafted point of sale in-store design materials ensured that the ‘Colours’ range stood out from competitor brands on the shelf. Finally, our bespoke e-mail campaign raised brand awareness for the range. This campaign directed prospective customers to a dedicated website that promoted the range and allowed consumers to order a paint card online. Informing customers of the beauty of ‘Colours’ before they shopped maximised sales opportunities for our client.