Hookson was tasked with the design of a Spin-Out Support Guide for audiences within The University of Edinburgh. Edinburgh Research and Innovation is one of the UK leaders in the successful commercialisation of the intellectual property generated from the University’s world-class research, through licensing technologies to existing companies and new University spin-outs. ERI’s primary role is to promote the world-class research and commercialisation expertise of the University of Edinburgh to potential funders, collaborators, licensees or investors.

The Guide has been packed full of valuable information and assistance for anyone starting up a company as a spin-out from the University.

The challenge was to design an engaging and well signposted document that would be easily updateable by our client in the future. So, challenged with stretching the boundaries of Microsoft Word we set out to achieve all tasks!

Creating a document for both print and to be used online, we considered design and ways of distinguishing each section from the next. A series of graphic ‘spinning circles’ representing each of the different areas within the brochure were introduced to break up the sections.

Headers and footers and a consistent design palette also help the reader navigate through the brochure using clear naming, headings and colour signposting. This was essential as the Spin Out Support Guide is a hands-on document that is intended to be easy to use.

Working within a flexible template Hookson were able to accommodate all content and leave scope for future amendments whenever needed.