We’ve produced a brochure design for the University of Stirling which has the ability to make a real difference to the future of the University through legacies. In leaving a legacy to the University the gift can ensure Stirling remains a properly resourced and world-class facility for future generations.

The University of Stirling was recently ranked in the QS World Rankings in the top 2.5% of global universities.

In the past Stirling has received bequests helping capital projects, academic research and student scholarships. Legacies ranging from the most modest amounts can change lives; for example a grant allowing  a student to attend an international conference can make the difference between a first class or second class honours degree.

The University holds a vast library of images from which the imagery was collated and selected to show a the many facets of University life at Stirling. Students, campus features are all combined to give a vibrant and accessible feel.

The brochure is a distinctive size and is designed in line with the Strategic Plan document produced to outline the future of the University.

White space with bold headings throughout the brochure design ensures the reader is clearly guided to the key messages, and does not have to search hard to find out what to do next.