A launch-pad for your digital presentations

November 30, 2012


Our work to help our clients develop a slick sales approach by creating digital presentations continues apace. We’re finding that companies often want to present a variety of items within a sales presentation. They want to refer to source documents to build their argument which may be held in a variety of places – including public websites, internal intranet pages or private applications. Traditional presentation formats can’t cope with this range of source materials in a seamless way; leading to an awkward and clunky presentation where the flow is constantly being broken since each separate element has to be loaded individually as the presenter switches between applications.

We were approached by a financial client to help with just this issue. Hookson considered  how digital presentations could be used to provide a more coherent presentation. Our solution consisted of a single branded interface that enabled the launch of each element with a single click.

Our client wanted to present a mix of sites on their private intranet as well as applications loaded on a Windows tablet. To achieve this Hookson built a branded interface that was pre-installed on the tablet. The user then simply clicked each button on the screen to load the relevant item instantly and without having to exit one application and load up the new one. Websites (which launched in the browser) and applications opened ‘in-front’ of the interface meaning simply closing the application revealed the home screen again.

Digital presentations like this gives any sales pitch a professional feel as well as allowing the presenter to concentrate on their content without worrying about switching between different applications.

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