Digital Presentations – breaking free from the stranglehold of PowerPoint

October 31, 2012


The corporate world has long relied on PowerPoint as its platform of choice when it comes to delivering presentations. While PowerPoint is fine up to a point, it does have its limitations and we’ve been looking at ways to help our clients deliver much more slick, flexible and dynamic digital presentations.

We’ve been working recently with a financial client on a new approach to digital presentations. Having traditionally relied on PowerPoint, they were increasingly frustrated by the restrictive and linear nature of the platform. They wanted the ability to have a more organic content framework to their presentations but they didn’t know how to achieve this.

We proposed a new solution that took learnings from our digital experience. Based on a mobile app approach but built to work on PCs, we designed and built a digital presentation format which allowed our client to use images and video content without the need for problematic plugins or an internet connection. The user experience was much richer as the app was incredibly intuitive and easy to use; content flow didn’t need to be pre-determined; and the interface was much more professional and sophisticated.

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