1. Differentiate

Ask yourself 3 questions: (In terms of what your brand stands for now or what you would like it to stand for)

Who are you?

What do you do?

Why does it matter?

The answer to the first question is fairly easy for most companies to answer, ‘We’re Global Grommets a multinational provider of grommets’. The second question is a little harder ‘We make grommets – no, we make more than grommets, because we have a full line of widgets too’. But the 3rd question why it matters can get tricky. ‘it matters because we make really good grommets – and widgets.’ (Sure but everyone says that.) Ok, ‘because we sell the widest selection of grommets and widgets.’ Right, but I only need one kind of grommet, and I already buy it from someone else. ‘Because we have the best people.’ Yeah, right – prove it!

Unless you have compelling answers to all three questions meaning that customers find them irresistible, you haven’t got a brand.