Our extensive work with NCR since 2005 has encompassed a wealth of copywriting projects aimed at a range of internal and external audiences. NCR faces the challenge common to technology companies of having to engage multiple individuals within the client organisation as part of the sales process. These individuals are from a range of business focused and technical roles; and consequently have an interest in different product features and benefits. In addition, the existence of global salesforce who are operating in significantly different markets means we must be mindful of cultural differences, language barriers and market differences.

Hookson’s role usually begins with a creative proposition for a new product or solution which positions it within the market and provides the basis for all future copywriting for that solution. Writing key messages follow quickly and these are then transitioned into a range of outputs aimed at the various internal and external audiences.

Datasheets and product brochures are used to introduce the solution and its main benefits and features, as well as providing an outline of technical information. Copywriting for launch film scripts aims to bring the solution to life in an exciting and memorable way.

We also write web content, white papers, email campaign content and online ads for marketing campaigns to promote NCR solutions.

Sales presentations provide the internal audience with all the key sales information in a format that promotes the benefits to specific audience groups. We also engage with the sales force and customers in researching and writing case studies to promote good news stories.