In November we highlighted the importance of social media to your business today. Now we’ll examine just how you can use a worldwide audience to your advantage and in the process gain a whole team of advocates that will spread the word and work on your behalf because they believe!

We are not talking about a new religion, or maybe we are? It really just comes down to connecting with your audience through social media channels and truly understanding what they like or need. Then providing that.

But just how do you do that?

Well, take time to get to know your target audience and if you feel you already know them then take a fresh look at it all over again. You may even need some help to do this.

Once you’ve done that:

1. Think like them (what do they like? where do they go? what music would they listen to?)

2. Whet their appetite (tempt them with nuggets of information rather than bombarding them with over lengthy posts)

3. Make them sit up and take notice (be different and memorable)

4. Prompt discussion among their individual social media networks (provide content that is worthy of sharing and discussion)

5. Perhaps be a little controversial without offending anyone! Don’t follow the crowd – dare to be different.

6. Keep it up! Keep investing the time to find great content that people will be interested in

But most importantly stay in touch with your audience through the right social media network and be natural. Don’t sound like a machine – people connect with other people, not machines!