With the increase in engagement by brands with audiences through social media an important consideration is how a brand’s visual identity is represented on social media channels.

Every time your brand interacts using social media it is represented and its important not only that you develop the personality of your brand but equally that you show consistency of approach so that your audience recognise the brand and build up rapport and trust to engage.

The first point we need to cover is your avatar. Let’s start by explaining what we mean by avatar, if you don’t already know.

It’s the small picture in your profile on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or other social media channels. If you don’t have any avatar at all, many users won’t even consider the possibility of following you. Through defining your brand avatar you can ensure all social media channels consistently spread your reputation across online channels through social media activity.

Key considerations for the use of logos for use in social media avatars include size as you have to work to a minimum size of 48 x 48 pixel area, not a lot of space!

Additionally you want things to be easily recognisable and make instant sense to the audience. Through use of colour, logo, words and hierarchy you can establish a set of avatars that are in harmony.

Whilst the brand visual identity or logo is just one element of the overall brand identity and persona it is nevertheless important to ensure it doesn’t get diluted. The methods of growing, nurturing and developing a brand profoundly changed with the rise of social media.

It is amazing just how easily and quickly an identity can become diluted and weaken its position. Especially with the development of social media channels.