Thinking differently – what is creativity in a creative agency?

July 10, 2013


A few recent conversations I have had with friends from other agencies have got me thinking about what exactly is meant by the terms creative or creativity. In an traditional creative agency people were defined as either suits, planners or creatives but those terms no longer seem to apply in a smaller leaner agency model. And in any case, I haven’t worn a suit since 2005.

At Hookson we operate a more collaborative creative agency approach where each team member is expected to contribute new ideas and creativity. Our view is that creativity is not just about producing an exciting brand,  dynamic motion film or cool website. To us creativity is about looking at new and unexpected ways of doing things, a different approach, a new way of talking about something.

This might mean persuading a client to re-look at their key messages to ensure they’re talking in the right way to the right people; it could be about developing a new marketing approach to utilise different channels; or it could be about developing a new approach to a brand to re-define it and increase its appeal to a new audience.

In all these instances we’re striving for high creative standards (whether it’s creative thinking, execution or both) from every member of the Hookson team rather than placing all responsibility for creativity on a small number of individuals within the team as might be expected within a traditional creative agency.


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