We were recently briefed by Chris Stewart Group to design a brochure to support the sales effort and engage its target audience. The aim of the brochure was to promote three key restaurant opportunities across Edinburgh’s Old and New Town.

The brochure design was to play a critical role as a sales tool to influence key decision makers. Everything from its look and feel, tone of voice and even the paper stock, were all carefully considered to achieve the most effective positioning. The finished article demonstrated how our attention to detail plays a lead role in bringing all of the information together and producing an engaging brochure design that works hard for its money.

By choosing iconic photography and designing a simple graphic map we drew attention to the prominent locations while conveying the quality of each development. These were further supported through choice of colour and typographic simplicity. It was vital to select the right photography to pitch the development at the target audience emphasising landmark icons across the city.

The design highlighted key selling features to give different levels of ‘read’ from the skim reader to the more in-depth fact finder. A further design feature involving graphic window devices was used to separate different areas of content, mirroring the design of the properties.