Similar to compound interest, the earlier you start the more your investment pays off – even when starting with a limited sum of money. Particularly if you have suddenly gone from having made no investment, to saying ‘I want the perfect brand tomorrow’, is the same as saying, ‘I’ve made no investment for the last 20 years, but I want to retire in 1 year’. Either the market will have defined your brand for you (which may or may not be to your liking) or you’ll be faced with making large pay outs to effect any real change. If you start early though – when your company is  just forming or as you begin to make that next big market move, you’ll have the chance to make the fundamental decisions that will impact the brand and the company for years to come. If you start early, you’ll be able to make the incremental investments and adjustment that will ensure your brand lives up to expectations, as opposed to trying to spend your way out of a brand you didn’t make.

So building a brand that sells means creating a self re-enforcing loop in which you define your brand incrementally through each sale, and each sale in turn strengthens your brand. By being deliberate and iterative you can make the kinds of incremental improvements in your brand that set you up to be on the receiving end of the five permissions. By following the to-do list I outlines you can begin building a lasting brand that will sell!