We’ve recently completed the design of the Infinite Magazine for Edinburgh Research and Innovation at The University of Edinburgh. We worked on the magazine for the first time last year.

Building on the success of the previous design it was important to keep things fresh and interesting for the audience. Whilst our design was well received last year the client was keen to progress things further and enhance this important communication tool for key stakeholders.

Looking at all the design elements we worked with the original palette to craft a new magazine. Finding the right balance between moving things on, whilst retaining synergy with the last document, is something we pride ourselves on, and take great care to get right. It’s through our careful interpretation of the brief and discussions with clients that we successfully deliver winning design.

The design has become more sophisticated in feel and layouts have been given more white space to allow each article to be showcased to the reader. This approach is followed through in the use of more muted colours and images have been treated differently.

Infinite magazine is produced in print and also displayed online via issu. Each year Infinite is published by Edinburgh Research and Innovation, to highlight some of the exciting research, innovation and entrepreneurial activities that are taking place at the University of Edinburgh. The Infinite Magazine is sent out to ERI’s key stakeholders in the University of Edinburgh’s research, innovation and enterprise activities.

Have a look at the magazine here http://www.research-innovation.ed.ac.uk/News/Infinitemagazine.aspx