Marketing consultancy that’s just the ticket

October 19, 2012


In the last year we’ve been working increasingly with SMEs that are looking to scale their businesses and need advice and support on their marketing function. A recent example is the work we’ve been doing with Red61 who are a technology company that asked us to help them with some sales and marketing consultancy.

Red61 provide ticketing solutions to arts venues and fringe festivals including the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. They want to expand their business by leveraging their experience in working with the world’s largest fringe festival. They also have a radically different approach to ticketing when compared to their competitors so there is great story to tell through their marketing.

The first stage of work we carried out was all about developing Red61’s marketing positioning and a platform of key messages. This will enable them to communicate to customers consistently across the business when talking about their products, service offering and overall company ethos. We are now testing this with a range of customers and stakeholders to find out whether the marketing positioning and key messages have resonance; and to see if they are likely to be appealing and engaging when communicated to potential customers.

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