Here’s what it’s all about with the facts thrown in for good measure.


Marketing people position what they do as strategic, right, ok. So high level thinking that sets the direction of the brand, determines future product and services content and keeps a watchful on the the sales funnel.

For me, if marketing becomes ‘strategic’ people stop looking at whether their activity has an effect on revenue or profit. Clever brands approach marketing as a tactical activity that either generates sales leads or makes those sales leads easier to convert. They measure marketing based on the number enquiries and sales conversions that get made as a direct result from any activity.

Fact – Marketing should be tactical.



The idea here is that the sales function is part of the overall marketing strategy. So, when customers buy, can marketing really take all the credit? So we got a sale because we created ‘brand awareness’… really! What you really want is to work with sales on the practical issues – like getting great qualified leads.

Fact – Sales should drive marketing.



Yeah right, the idea that marketing initiatives like advertising, can somehow convince customers and prospective customers to view a product or service in a certain way. That only works if a product or service has a huge budget to spend on a multi-channel campaign. The key here is the customer’s experience with the product or service actually creates the brand. Remember your brand isn’t your logo, strapline etc (Read my blog on ‘What do we mean by a brand’ Your brand contains the emotions that customers feel when they think about your product or service.

Fact – Customer experience creates brands.