There was a time when most companies, organisations and brands communicated their key messages, marketing and sales stories through printed materials such as brochures and leaflets. The fact is, a lot of that paper never got read…

Times have changed and there’s a new game in town that is really taking off. A far more powerful way to get your ideas and messages across. Motion graphic films.

Motion graphic films leave a lasting and memorable impression of your company by whoever sees them. These films can be packed full of personality and imagery relevant to your brand. They are enormously flexible. Use them on your website; showcase your brand with them at trade shows; send them to potential customers and give them a dynamic preview of what you’re all about.

Motion graphic films are easy to produce and flexible to update. Combine existing photography with film sequences; add animated typography, special effects, captions, music and even voiceovers to create striking and unique films that capture your audience’s attention. Or, start from scratch and create characters in a mini-film that truly engage with your customers. And the best part is you can lose the cost of expensive re-printing brochures and leaflets.

We’ve recently helped StirlingUniversity produce a film for them to use in Japan, highlighting their distinctive qualities with the aim of attracting overseas students. The film carries a wide range of messages, from the University’s mission, their foundation in innovation, their heritage, their campus facilities, their student-centric approach, and their investment for the future…phew! But you know what? It works!

See for yourself, and then speak to us about how we can animate your brand.