Seeing eye to eye

Motion graphics films for Sumerian the IT analytics provider.

Sumerian, based in Edinburgh, provides IT analytics solutions that help IT leaders drive efficiencies and business growth, enabling faster, smarter decisions to be made.

The company approached us wanting a creative platform that they could use on their website, apply to design collateral and include as part of presentations.

Given that this sector tends to be characterised by bland corporate imagery, our challenge was to find a simple visual approach to help communicate the company’s complex analytics services and the benefits it can offer to Sumerian’s clients in a direct and different way, whilst injecting some of the company’s distinctive personality into their communications.

Initially we created a motion graphics film which provided a simple overview of the company’s unique services. You can view this film on our YouTube channel. Following the success of this film, a subsequent motion graphics film was then created to introduce the company to the investment banking sector.

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