At Hookson we have been perfecting our content creation techniques for years through experience, a variety of exciting projects and a love of the English language. Content marketing is used to engage with your customers by speaking their language; it’s about striking up a conversation with relevant and enticing copy. Imagine ...

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Nowadays social media is what we live for. Not only is it a key part of everyone’s life, but has the power to do things out of the ordinary. Apps like Facebook, Twitter are this generation’s first experience of social media. They are the most well-known and simple ways of ...

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Clarity is key Clear labelling of pages and well thought-through titles aren’t only good for SEO, they give the user an instant understanding of the product or service they are viewing. If you put yourself in the user’s shoes and take time to analyse their journey, keywords and search terms you ...

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Top 10 SEO tips

August 22, 2016


As search engines such as Google are constantly updating their algorithms, we don’t have one, all-encompassing and definite answer to the perfect search engine optimisation strategy. The following tips are here to provide guidance and boost your SEO, ensuring your content is searchable, relevant and compatible with both user and ...

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