An online advertising campaign to find digital game-changers

February 18, 2014


We’ve been working with the University of Edinburgh recently in developing an online advertising campaign that is very close to our hearts. The objective is to recruit applicants to an exciting new course run by Edinburgh College of Art – a Masters in Design Informatics. As lovers of innovation and all things digital we were toying with the idea of applying for the course ourselves but we managed to restrain ourselves for long enough to create an online ad campaign which aims to raise awareness and a bit of intrigue about the course.

The course itself is really dynamic and hands on, with enviable access to leading digital conferences, exhibitions and festivals along with the possibility of hands-on experience at a leading creative or digital organisation. Our task was to tell the right people about this course using online advertising as well as generating a bit of buzz and excitement about it.

Our creative approach used the headline ‘Design the products of the future. Today’. The aim was to convey the idea of changing the future through design and innovation.

The online advertising campaign launched in early January with a range of formats across a range of sites including specialist course sites and site for those interested in digital design.

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