Our client Symphonic was founded in 2012, after spinning out of Edinburgh Napier University’s prestigious Institute for Informatics and Digital Innovation.

Symphonic approached us to apply our expertise in delivering a dynamic brand, incorporating a strong name, visual identity and meaningful digital presence.

Our client’s patented technology represents the leading trust and governance framework for organisations wishing to share data securely between trusted partners. Sounds simple doesn’t it? But try getting that across in a name!

So, we set off on the naming journey by getting our heads together and considering a range of approaches, from the literal and lateral to the downright ‘out there’. We quickly realised that where focus needed to rest was on the software technology product itself; what it does and how it does it. The lateral analogy we came up with was that of an orchestra conductor. The conductor is the person who knows the composition and is the one responsible for getting the piece played by directing who plays what and when and by following the sheet music rules. Just like the Symphonic technology.  The software observes the rules to ensure the data sharing takes place as intended. Taking that analogy to its conclusion, just as the conductor delivers the piece exactly as the composer intended; the technology orchestrates harmonious data sharing. Totally Symphonic!

Next came the logo work. Here we presented the Symphonic name in a cool, crisp and modern way. The typography is simple, yet bold, and allows the name to really stand out. The coloured ‘sound wave’ motif not only makes the logo unique and memorable, but reflects the technological nature of the company, while alluding to the data sharing nature of the software in a visual way.

A digital presence is a vital component of the Symphonic brand and we delivered this by designing and building their marketing website. Following the same brand principles of modernity and simplicity, the Symphonic online personality is both dynamic and meaningful.

See for yourself www.symphonictrust.com our Symphonic concerto. While we’ll never confess to be musicians, we’re maestros at playing brand.