Over the past 7 years we have gained an expertise in designing and building commercial and residential property websites showcasing a wide variety of buildings and developments. From offices in Georgian town-houses to converted cinemas, each development is given its own unique brand by our creative team. This brand identity is then translated into a website that communicates the key benefits of the property along with all the important assets to support the sales process including key facts and figures. While we often produce printed materials for these properties we are now finding clients accept the need to focus the bulk of their marketing spend on online channels.

The reasons for this are not hard to see when you look at three key characteristics of web-based media.

Firstly websites are updateable. A property website can be revised immediately to show changes in tenants or available floor areas. If there are PDF downloads these can also be easily updated to keep brochures and floor plans current.

Secondly websites are interactive. Most of our property websites include Google Maps which means users can zoom in and out of areas to explore the surroundings. The added functionality of Google Maps also allows for specially designed place markers, as well as overlays to demonstrate walking distances and areas of interest. You can see an example of this in the ‘Location’ section of the Edinburgh House website.

Lastly websites are dynamic. This means key messages can be flagged up right at the start and developers can give potential tenants their ‘elevator pitch’ in an engaging way.

Our most recent property website was for the Art Deco Building in Glasgow, full details of the project can be seen in the case study.