Our branding and copywriting skills were brought to the fore recently with a project for Edinburgh based PureVLC. The company is a recent spin-out from the University of Edinburgh and is developing a technology platform that uses visible light (from standard LED bulbs) to transmit data. This game changing technology could provide a future solution to the increasing congestion in wireless networks.

They asked us to help them with copywriting to articulate their complex messages in a way that could be more easily understood by audiences who were not highly technical. As the company will be looking to secure investment in the coming months, it’s important that they can convey the opportunity clearly as well as describe their technology in reasonably simple terms.

Before embarking on the copywriting, we realised we needed to establish a brand tone of voice for PureVLC so they had a clear and distinctive personality. We spent time getting to know the company, along with its market positioning and developed a brand positioning that would provide a tone of voice, personality and  language cues for use across all copy. We also developed a series of key messages that the company could use as the basis for all communication with potential investors, ensuring consistency and clarity at all times.

Our final task was to develop a structure and carry out the copywriting for the PureVLC website. Clear messaging and structure was key to ensuring busy potential investors were quickly signposted to the information that was relevant to them. It was also crucial that the key messages captured the interest of investors in the first 90 seconds, to avoid losing their interest from the outset.