Sales and marketing consultancy – how can we help you?

Lack of time, lack of resource

Lots of our clients come to us because they know they need to improve their approach to sales and marketing but they don’t have time and they don’t have an in-house person dedicated to this area of their business. We have helped a lot of companies and organisations in a variety of ways: from creating a strategy that they can implement in-house; to building capacity within an internal team; to actually going into an organisation and working on secondment to set up a marketing team or implement a sales and marketing strategy.

Marketing that supports your business ambitions

So, you know you want to scale your business but you’re not sure how to make it happen. We can help you to develop a sales and marketing strategy that will support your business plan and ultimately grow your business in a planned and manageable way.

We start by spending some time with you to get to know you, understand what you want to achieve and what you think are the barriers or issues you face. Then we develop a plan or approach that will enable us to develop a marketing strategy and delivery plan that will help you to make and see progress.

Our approach involves setting ambitious but achievable objectives, as well as defining your audiences and what you can hope to achieve with each. We can develop a set of key messages for each audience to ensure communication is consistent and relevant. This work is then incorporated into a strategy that outlines initiatives and actions that will deliver results and that can be measured against pre-agreed targets.

Successful sales

You may have a great product and your existing customers might think you are wonderful but how do you expand your customer base and fill your sales pipeline by approaching the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

As a sales strategy driven business ourselves, we can help you to identify target sectors; companies within those sectors; individuals within the companies; and then segmenting your audience into hot, warm and cool leads. We can also help you define a process by which you will manage this internally, provide training or even help carry out the implementation of the sales strategy.

We can work with you to get the basics of a sales strategy in place under our guidance: clearing out your database; qualifying and segmenting leads; as well as starting to develop a sales and marketing contact programme that will enable you to build relationships over time in a manageable, organised, measurable and productive way.

To find out how we can help you with your sales and marketing, call Bryan on 0131 524 7940 or email him.

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