Scottish Ambulance Service - 8 years working with Hookson
Scottish Ambulance Service - Annual Reports by Hookson
Scottish Ambulance Service - Annual Report spreads by Hookson

Year eight and counting

Annual reports for Scottish Ambulance Service

The Service is required to publish an annual report summarising their activities and achievements. The purpose of the report is to provide an account to key stakeholders for key aspects of performance and to give an account of their stewardship. We have gained a strong understanding of the collaborative strengths of the Service and our designs for the annual report focus on putting the patient first and foremost and involved copyediting, photo planning, art direction, photography, artwork and interactive web-based pdfs. Our annual report photography shoots have ranged from Edinburgh to the Western Isles to Shetland.

We have also undertaken employee engagement campaigns and produced an advertising campaign for the Service and the British Heart Foundation and Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland on a Chest Pain campaign which ran on the sides of Ambulances in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Always a pleasure to work on, our work has also been creatively rewarding, with our annual reports winning Scottish Design Awards.

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