Increasingly, our work at Hookson involves creating motion graphic or infographic films for our B2B clients in order that they can provide an engaging high level overview of their business, as well as demonstrating the benefits to customers of doing business with them. As well as coming up with a great creative idea for these films, the script copywriting is key to conveying the right messages.

A C level executive is not going to spend time trawling through brochureware at the start of a purchasing process. Responsibility for analysing the detail will lie elsewhere in the business and take place further into the process. In this high speed, mobile and virtual world, C level execs want to be given the information to make quick decisions about potential business partners. What’s the business benefit, what’s this company all about, is there a fit with our business – these are the important decisions.

Our role, when script copywriting, is to analyse the benefits that our client’s business offers and distil it down to less than 200 words that will convey the key points. This can be a real challenge, particularly when working in the technology sector where products can be complex. We spend time thinking about where the real high level business benefits lie; separating them from product or technology benefits.

Having produced a content platform, we then move onto script copywriting itself. We take the key messages for the film and bring them to life in the context of a creative approach. We’ve had great success in producing films for a number of clients but a particularly good example is the motion graphics film we produced for Verdande Technology. Their offering is really complex but we were able to simplify it in the script copywriting and the creative idea to enable them to introduce their case based reasoning offering in just 90 seconds.