Using PC apps to demonstrate variable key features

February 4, 2013


We’ve been working with a technology client recently, developing PC apps that would support their sales process. As the world moves towards virtualisation in IT networks, companies are keen to know how this could impact on their IT network, in terms of the computer hardware, as well as bandwidth and server requirements.

Our client wanted to develop a tool that would allow its salesforce to quickly demonstrate the impact on a customer’s IT network, if one variable factor (computer hardware, bandwidth or server) was to change. This would enable them to answer questions within a sales meeting and avoid losing sales because of lack of information.

We proposed development of PC apps which would be simple for the salesforce to use but accurate in their analysis and output. We needed to clearly show the differences from one configuration to the next. To be successful it would need to work across tablets and laptops without any need of additional software or an Internet connection.

Our PC apps were built with each element created as a photorealistic 3D model which were then rendered as an animated sequence. The sequences were added to the app within the bespoke user interface. Our client supplied the calculations which we then used to build the code that controlled the animations within the PC apps.

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