We have recently started using Pinterest as a great collaboration tool for our brand identity and design projects. It’s a brilliant way to create inspiration boards, for sharing our early ideas with clients and also to move away from that old-fashioned view that “creatives” do the creative stuff and the rest of the team make it happen.

Pinterest allows anyone on the agency or client team to contribute to the creative process, adding ideas into the mix and seeing how the ideas generation process is going. It allows the client team to feel that they are an integral part of the process and are welcomed to collaborate in that process, rather than simply being presented with a fait accompli of a designed brand identity.

In particular we have found that when developing a new brand identity for a company or organisation, Pinterest boards can enable propositions to be brought to life to enable a client to see how the brand identity and strategy might start to be visualised. They can come on a journey with us, rather than being given a choice of 2 or 3 logos that don’t always fully demonstrate the thought process that we have been through.