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A New Responsive Website for Drone-Powered Pioneers


The Who

Cyberhawk is a world leader in visual data management. The company uses drones and software to inspect its clients’ equipment. This takes in inspections of difficult-to-reach locations. These include, for instance, power lines and bridges, oil rigs and wind farms. Cyberhawk then provides detailed reports. The technology saves time and money. It also helps prevent equipment failure.

Website for Cyberhawk, a Cutting-Edge Company

Our brief for the Cyberhawk website was aimed at an international client base. The company’s customers often find themselves working in the field. That locates them far from an office desk. As a result, a responsive design was needed. A design that therefore worked great on mobiles, tablets and desktops. The site would also make use of film and motion graphics. These visuals would reflect Cyberhawk’s exciting technical expertise. In addition, video and motion graphics would demonstrate solutions. And that would aid understanding.

The What

Fully Research and Analyse Website Purpose and Users

Knowing exactly who will be visiting a website is a great place to begin. So too is finding out what those visitors will expect.


Ensure a High-Flying User Experience

The website for Cyberhawk would need to attract a diverse audience. The company boasts a client list of 300+. Above all, we would deliver fast and easy access to information.


Design and Develop a Website that Lifts the Offering Sky-High

At Hookson, user experience sits at the heart of every website build. We couple this with sites that also look amazing. Cyberhawk’s drone-based solutions are visually exciting. So are the locations the company inspects. Therefore, we would make full use of large and dynamic visuals.


Bring Solutions to Life with Stunning Movement

To accompany striking imagery, we would use our expertise in motion graphics. This would demonstrate highly technical processes. It would also make for a memorable website.


Watch Cyberhawk’s Back with Hosting, Support and Maintenance

Sometimes even technical wizards need a hand. We’d be there for any updates and patches. In addition, we would provide rock-solid hosting


The Why

Consulting with Clients for a Deep Understanding

Speaking with Cyberhawk gave us clear understanding of site goals. From these insights we began thinking particularly about user experience. Then we began planning the wider website build and design.


Providing a Slick UX for Demanding Visitors

Cyberhawk’s website attracts a diverse audience. Many sectors are represented. Each visitor would subsequently present different demands. This called for a variety of services pages. Our priority was to present an easy route to any page. As a result, we used bold headings and drop-down menus. These ensured a smooth and logical UX.


Showing and Telling with Photos, Films and Calls-to-Action

In developing the build, a strong visual component was a must. We used huge, screen-filling video and photography. These areas held benefits-led headlines. In addition, a series of short films demonstrated Cyberhawk’s expertise. We also ensured links to Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. On services pages, we expanded on benefits. We also provided strong calls-to-action. These included prompts to find out more and to contact teams. Brochure downloads were also offered.


Using Motion Graphics Expertise to Sell Solutions

Highly technical offerings always benefit from clear demonstrations. Hookson offers end-to-end motion graphics experience. This was a great fit for Cyberhawk. As a result we created a number of films for the site. These animated the services. Most importantly, they also quickly showcased solutions.


Keeping an Eye on Hosting, Maintenance and Security

Finally, to keep Cyberhawk’s website in great shape, we provided reliable hosting and technical support. At Hookson, these are benefits we offer all of our clients.

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