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Social Media Marketing

The opportunity for your business on social media is significant – you just need to know how to take advantage of it. Hookson can help you land some seriously profitable social media campaigns.

Measurable social media marketing generating investment returns

Social media marketing is a vital part of the digital marketing mix. By leveraging advanced targeting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, you can reach a wider audience than ever before.

You may have found that getting the most out of social media can be challenging. It uses resource and if it isn’t properly integrated and aligned to your other marketing activity, its benefit can be lost.

However, with Hookson’s expert support, it can be a whole lot easier to build a social strategy that is measurable, logical and that allows you to build communities and be a meaningful voice in the conversation.

Social media marketing – getting social

Getting social isn’t just about status updates and tweets. Leveraging techniques and following proven strategies that align to your commercial objectives, will pretty much guarantee increased return on your marketing investment.

With Hookson’s support, we can help you deliver a social media experience to your audience that engages them, grows your following and encourages them to join your discussion. Social media is measurable and can drive truly valuable results. Give us a call on 0131 524 7940 to talk about how we can kick start your social media marketing strategy.

Strategy, monitoring, growth, support

Many of Hookson’s clients already benefit from our social media marketing service, with support including:

  • Strategy design and development
  • Research & auditing
  • Social media guidelines
  • Social asset creation
  • Brand monitoring
  • Social advertising
  • Responsive support & tuition
  • Reporting & analysis

Social media training

Social media makes us all visible. When it comes to your business, the last thing you want is a misstep to damage your reputation. At Hookson, we can arm you with the knowledge and skills to avoid that happening.

Bespoke social media training

At Hookson we design social media training aligned to your business culture, job roles and commercial objectives. Done right, social media training can help inform you about the networks and tools are right for your business. This is the right time to make your business prominent on social media in all the right ways. Talk to us today about how we can help on 0131 524 7940

Educate, education, education

At Hookson, we’ve helped many of our clients, large and small, educate their staff on social media policy and practice. These bespoke plans will generally include:

Social Media Policy

Determines your do’s and don’ts and answers the important questions.

Interactive Workshops

We tailor these sessions to staff roles and to your commercial objectives, making sure that everyone is confident in what they need to do.

Reference Material

Where required, we compile reference guides full of advice and best practices.


One of our social media experts is always on hand following our training programmes to advise on any aspect of social media activity.

Ask Us Anything

Whether it’s a simple question or you want detailed advice on you’re next big project, we’re happy to help. Speak to us today.

Ask Us Anything

Whether it’s a simple question or you want detailed advice on you’re next big project, we’re happy to help. Speak to us today.