Nowadays social media is what we live for. Not only is it a key part of everyone’s life, but has the power to do things out of the ordinary. Apps like Facebook, Twitter are this generation’s first experience of social media. They are the most well-known and simple ways of contacting family or perhaps meeting new friends, but these are only the foundations of what is to come in the future.

Is technology growing social media?

Certain variations of new technology can stretch social media as far as possible. The new age phenomenon of Virtual Reality has not yet been used in any form of social media apart from YouTube in which you can view your videos in 360 mode and Virtual Reality!

Does advertisement play a part?

When the leading social media company Facebook introduced videos to the app, it quickly achieved the same level of popularity as YouTube videos. 70% of businesses now recognise the importance of social media videos and how they advertise their companies or products effectively.

The future is just ahead

Apps such as Periscope offer a live alternative to face calling where multiple users can tune and even chat with each other whilst the live streaming is taking place. This proves to be a huge step for social media and now the bar can only be raised higher in the following years meaning that future apps can only get better with the development of new technology.