Access all Areas – Revolutionising your Reach

Ensuring you’re content with your content marketing

Armed with the latest technologies – and the know-how to apply them – relationships with both existing and new customers can be revolutionised.

From analytics to content marketing, digital advertising to paid search, Hookson will advise on the most effective mix of powerful processes.

Read on to discover a little more about how we can help your business Access All Areas.

Engagement is everything

Providing engaging content – across websites, social media and blogs – helps attract and retain customers. Relying solely on sales messages just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Presenting something valuable, informative or useful makes for interest and engagement. That can lead to sales and, on social media, those all-important must-share moments. Blog, video, webpage or photograph, at Hookson we’ll help with both the content itself and the strategy to ensure it delivers.

Helping paid search click for your business

A discipline moving at the speed of light, effective paid search – paying for clicks on search engine ads – relies on smart strategy.


A well-designed campaign will engage with the most eager targets, driving click-through costs down and engagement up. Paid search is a mighty sales tool, but it’s also effective for raising brand awareness. At Hookson, we’ll advise on the Paid Search strategy that’s perfect for you.

Thinking outside the inbox

The rumour: email is dead. Don’t believe a word of it. When you’re looking for high-volume reach, email marketing is your first stop. It’s great for tight budgets – and measuring effectiveness is a snap.

At Hookson, we create engaging email content, including e-blasts that direct targets to richer content like blogs and social media.

Get the full picture with web analytics

Analysing your users’ behaviour reveals:

  • Where traffic is coming from. Referrals? Social media? Search engines?
  • Which devices are being used Mobiles? Tablets?
  • Visitor location. Countries, regions, cities – we can drill down far.
  • Landing pages. Where do visitors hop on?
  • Bounce rates. Where and why are they jumping off?

We’ll work across this often-challenging area with you. We’ll crunch that data, revealing plain-English insights for reaching new customers, stretching budgets and perfecting your online presence.

Presenting something valuable leads to interest, engagement and those all-important must-share moments.

Lead the conversation with social media

We know. It’s everywhere. But even if you’re jaded, no organisation can ignore social media.

Clarity v confusion

It’s a noisy landscape with dozens of players. But with forethought and planning, you can cut through the confusion, engage, inform – and strengthen your brand.

Whether you’re after sound advice to refine your strategy, or you’re looking for a completely managed solution,we’ll help.

Dynamic digital

Reaching targets means hanging out where they hang out. And that means being a presence on websites, phones, tablets… you get the picture.

Digital has brought genuinely exciting and creative advertising opportunities. At Hookson, we keep pace with this dynamic area and can ensure you’re being seen in all the right places and at all the right times.