Seven compelling benefits a mobile app can add to your marketing armoury

In 2015 the UK was home to more than 41 million smartphone users. By 2022 – not so very far away – expects that number to dial up to a shade below a giddy 54 million.

Tablets? The same source projects a hike in these monthly users too – from just north of forty-eight per cent of the UK’s population in 2014 to almost sixty-five per cent by 2021.

The reason? Our gadgets have quickly become indispensible. And they’ve managed that feat by offering us more and more features and benefits.

Enter the app.

A pocket-sized mobile app revolution

Too dramatic? Maybe. But  imagine, if even twenty-odd years ago, someone had told you that, sitting on a train, you could book your next holiday. Or check your bank account. Or switch the heating on before you eventually disembark the 17:32 (whose timetable you checked on – you guessed it – the train company’s app).

OK, they can’t yet make your commute run to time, but apps are clearly powerful little mites. And they’re here to stay.

The most exciting thing, though, is that apps, like an increasing amount of constantly evolving tech, are eminently democratic. Not an airline? Not a global pizza chain or national charity? Relax. To benefit from an app you don’t need to be. Not anymore.

So here are seven great business benefits delivered by the small-screen revolution.

Build a stronger brand

Whatever your line, a well-designed app keeps your business or organisation front and centre. Apps are naturally interactive. They require user engagement, so they’re a superb platform for strengthening trust, loyalty and customer service.

See a spike in sales and interest

Sales, enquiries, downloads – apps are ideal for helping you achieve these different goals. When working at their best, apps offer the quickest route to a desired action, so they’re perfect for those in-the-moment transactions and must-share discoveries.

Provide a one-stop shop

Visitors rejoice when they find all they’re looking for at just one accessible location. Your app can be that place. And remember, as well as hosting your products or services, apps are the perfect pick-up spot for click-now sales announcements and promotions. Together, these benefits add up to a greatly enhanced user experience.

Stand apart from your competitors

Working in an app-free sector? Launch your app and you’ll be planting a pioneering flag that will add unique value and help you stand out from the crowd. That can translate into new business gains and valuable conversions. Sector already chock-full of apps? That’s an even more compelling reason to push go on app development – and raise the bar.

Push your message forward

Push notifications – information delivered rather than user-requested – when used wisely add greatly to your marketing efforts. Apps gift you the ability to deliver a promotion, an event, an update directly to an already warmed-up user. This turns the humble app into a powerful, cost-effective and highly personalised direct-marketing channel.

Harvest invaluable insight

By using analytics you can mine app-user data to gain the kind of pin-sharp stats that make campaigns and promotions soar. Gathered insight can even give you opportunities for improving the app itself.

Wow your existing customers – and attract new prospects

An app – if it’s right for your business (and therefore your customers) – makes interacting with your organisation a snap. Apps are attractive to – and increasingly expected by – younger demographics, so are a solid and common-sense business investment.

And beyond simplifying and encouraging interaction, offering a useful and smoothly functioning app demonstrates a willingness to embrace innovation: a crucial value for any modern enterprise.

Can Hookson help me build and roll out the perfect app for my organisation?

Completely. Prior to creating your red-hot, multi-platform app design we’ll first understand what you want your app to deliver. We’ll ensure it naturally complements your existing online presence too. Just get in touch today.