Taking Air Charter to the Skies via Website Development and SEO

Hookson know-how combined to streamline visitor journeys, present a top-to-tail brand refresh and land Air Charter’s name safely on Google’s page one

Gatwick-based Air Charter offers tailored air charter solutions to a global list of corporate and private clients. Underpinning the company is the tangible passion of a small team – and a commitment to outstanding personal service.

Small Beginnings

Retaining a compact, dedicated team has served Air Charter well. From its inception, one goal has remained key: to be the best in the business. Over twenty years later, a reputation for safety, service and expertise has earned a growing roster of regular clients.

Dizzy Heights

Today, Air Charter offers true 24/7 year-round service. Strong relationships with leading operators has delivered access to a wide range of aircraft and competitive pricing – crucial factors in this fiercely competitive sector.

Working with Air Charter, we demonstrated our own insistence on going the extra mile. What followed was a significant overhaul of online activities and a greatly improved, sales-oriented customer experience journey.

Soar Above the Competition

Air Charter asked Hookson to rejuvenate its brand and design a new website. Our review identified opportunities for a serious lift – and serious stand-out.

Capture Corporate Clicks

One key goal was to increase online sales leads for corporate jet hires through our SEO experience. Crucial to transforming searches into sales would be a bespoke mobile website.

Chart a Course to Information

Our customer-journey analysis revealed need for an uncluttered no-stops sales route. Meeting both corporate and private visitors: strong site-wide calls-to-action.

Ensure a Sky-high Presence

The new website would be primed to take full advantage of an increase in traffic. So positioning Air Charter at the peak of search engine results lists was vital.

Arrive Refreshed and Ready

An entire brand refresh was advised. This would touch areas across the company, including logo, image strategy, key messaging and copywriting.

Page 1 on Google, 148% Quick-Quote Increase, 45% Pre-Booking Requests

The Strategy That Took to the Skies

High levels of service, convenience and luxury are key to this specialised sector. The website had to reflect this by perfectly synchronising design and development. Success on this project was therefore spearheaded by a luxurious, streamlined website design approach and colour palette – one that reflected the feel of the aircraft themselves. Beyond design, a quick-quote engine lifted user experience and encouraged on-site sales.

Soaring Images

Our image strategy showcased the planes against stunning backdrops. This evoked potential and the reaching of new heights. The strategy also supported an aspirational message of going that bit further to ensure client satisfaction.

Stratospheric Search Ranking – on Page one of Google

Thanks to Hookson’s SEO strategy and implementation we successfully navigated a tricky course. The search-term ‘air charter’ is one that’s a natural go-to for anyone looking for an air haulage service. That makes it a term that’s fiercely competitive. Despite this, Hookson’s expertise ensured the Air Charter company name presented, for that organic search term, on page one of Google and, consequently, in front of potential customers too.

High-altitude Copy

Finally, ensuring consistency between design, development and content, we undertook website copywriting and copy editing. This made certain that all site copy reflected Air Charter’s brand identity, professionalism and levels of service.

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