Our Website for Edinburgh Asset Finance Topped Google’s Pages

Solid website design, SEO strategy and targeted Google Ads united in driving visitors to this financial services solution

Strong, simple messaging invited engagement with a responsive, optimised website

Here’s how we Ensured Edinburgh Asset Finance’s Website  Stood Out in a Busy Marketplace

Edinburgh Asset Finance offers fast, discreet loans against a broad range of high-value and luxury items. The UK-wide firm champions a modern approach to secured, short-term cash lending and counts the business community as a significant portion of its customer base.

Targeting an audience removed from the traditional pawnbroking customer, Edinburgh Asset Finance was above all keen to position itself as separate to an industry often defined by scant customer service, questionable value for money and the public conducting of private business in seedy locations. In short: everything that the firm stood against.

Conveying Edinburgh Asset Finance Brand Values

To this end, Hookson was asked to create a completely new website for the business. The site would convey Edinburgh Asset Finance’s reassuring brand values, explain the simple loans process and present compelling reasons to engage. Beyond the core site build, Hookson’s SEO expertise would assist in snagging organic searchers, whilst our skills in Google Ads strategy would attract even more visitors.

Beginning with a WordPress Platform

We began our build on the agile and customisable WordPress platform. Hookson enjoys long experience of creating customised WordPress builds that allow brands to breathe easy and express themselves.

With this in mind, a strong visual route was the perfect match for Edinburgh Asset Finance’s loans-against-luxuries model. Dazzling on the site, wide, large-scale photography of assets – luxury watches and cars, jewellery and art – both caught the eye and nutshelled the items typically used to unlock a loan.

With loan types further summarised by brief copy, one click delivered more information. Importantly, across the site, strong calls-to-action encouraged visitors to request a quote via a simple form, ever-present at the footer of each page.

Defined, easy steps demystified the process whilst text and images combined to striking effect

Driving Contact and Custom

One barrier to overcome was the stigma reportedly experienced by customers considering a loan. This particularly afflicted those new to the luxury loans sector, and those conflating the two with high street pawnbroking. Hookson took on this challenge in several ways:

Normalising the Experience

Uniting our website content was the sincere positioning of Edinburgh Asset Finance’s loans as a reliable and sensible solution to a cash-flow issue. Reasons to believe – including affordability, speed-of-decision, experience and discretion – characterised our content, as did full transparency of process. For business customers especially, the positioning of a loan as an alternative to sluggish bank loaning was important.

Recounting Real Life

Edinburgh Asset Finance is proud of welcoming repeat business from satisfied customers. Real-life stories are powerful assets for personal financiers, so we ensured testimonials worked hard on the site.

Offering a Fuss-free Route

The vast majority of Edinburgh Asset Finance’s loan transactions conclude inside one day, with same-day cash frequently on offer. That set the business apart from banks and traditional lenders. This fuss-free mantra summarised the site too, and we backed it up via links to an easy-to-complete contact form.

Optimising Search Terms for Effective SEO

Our SEO research revealed a glut of search terms driving visits across the loans-against-assets sector. Here, as we crafted new site-wide copy, was a terrific opportunity to optimise our text. We carefully weaved these valuable search terms into our copy, led always by the goal of crafting natural, pleasing-to-read passages and of avoiding ugly, over-stuffed paragraphs.

Organic Search Success – and a Google Page One Ranking

Our efforts would certainly pay dividends, with organic searches – those website hits arriving outwith paid-for ads and links – quickly registering in unprecedented quantities. Our SEO activity also placed Edinburgh Asset Finance on Google’s first page via these search terms: a significant achievement in a crowded sector.

Harnessing Google Ads

Hookson’s Google Ads campaign for Edinburgh Asset Finance perfectly complemented our SEO expertise. Across search ads we removed poor-quality and under-performing keywords and ads, swapping these for strategy-led replacements. Next, a targeted spend on keywords most likely to deliver conversions led to a 15% reduction in cost per conversion.

Positive Results

We also introduced negative keywords so that Edinburgh Asset Finance’s ads would avoid displaying on pages bringing no value. Then Hookson’s new bidding strategy reduced average cost-per-click by more than 50%. Additionally, this increased website traffic, with page views across July 2019 – January 2020 jumping 79% when compared to the previous year. Throughout this same period, pages viewed per session leapt a healthy 71%. Finally, a remarketing campaign sought to convert previous website visitors.

Hookson's SEO activity placed Edinburgh Asset Finance on Google’s first page: a significant achievement in a crowded sector.