Achieving Standout in the Busy Personal Injury Market: an Optimised WordPress Website for LawWin

Hookson’s strategy, UX and branding expertise attracted visitors, fostered trust and created a clear path to conversion

A New Brand

We were invited to work with an established Scottish legal firm to provide them with a roadmap which would underpin the creation and establishment of a stand-alone brand for its existing Personal Injury service.

It’s Personal

Personal Injury is by its nature just that – personal. When you or someone close to you is injured in an accident you want to know that you will receive a professional and understanding service. You won’t likely have looked into Personal Injury firms until an event has occurred.

Reaching Clients

The Personal Injury claim market is large and competitive and in all of the brand development and subsequent website build we undertook, we were clearly focussed on how best to engage clients who believed they have a claim.

Naming, Strapline Creation, Branding, Content Strategy, User Journey Mapping, Website Design, WordPress Website Development and SEO

LawWin website design

Before we undertook detailed brand development work, we did our research on the Personal Injury market. With that understanding we were to work constructively with the client to deliver outcomes that totally hit the mark.

Position the New Brand in its Market

In a fiercely competitive marketplace, it was important that the brand identity was strong and memorable.

Professionalism at Heart

As a legal firm, the client wanted it made clear in the brand positioning that it was just that and not a volume claims handling agency.

Clear and Straightforward

Converting enquiries into clients sits at the heart of the brand positioning. Providing clear service descriptions and making contact simple provides strong support to that aim.

Creation of a WordPress Website

The brand’s new website needed to be responsive and compatible across devices as well as looking approachable and unique. Beyond that, online search results for the new brand needed to be optimised to drive and convert client traffic.

LawWin mobile design

Birth of a Brand

Differentiating in a busy marketplace while retaining memorability is a real challenge. We workshopped a number of naming options before landing on the winner – LawWin. The supporting strapline when helps describe client outcomes through ‘Don’t settle for less, settle for more…’

The name is the brand logo and its visual symmetry is strong. The interlocking W’s are a metaphor for the firm supporting clients at every stage of their claim. Heavy contrast supports a bold visual strategy where bright light in the distance alludes to positive client outcomes.

Reaching out to Clients

All website content areas are defined by an underlying focus on positioning these squarely against end user requirements.

The website design aligned to clear, short user journeys, ensuring that prospective clients go to where they needed to quickly.

Vital to the website design pre-launch was optimising content to drive potential clients to LawWin and position the new brand well in search engine returns.

LawWin - Don’t settle for less, settle for more…!