A User Experience Design for the National Library of Scotland

A vision that is accessible, engaging and modern

Scotland’s Library

The National Library of Scotland is not only Scotland’s largest reference library, but is recognised as being one of the major research libraries in Europe with world-class collections.

With collections ranging from rare historical documents to online journals, covering every subject, the National Library is truly a specialist in Scotland’s knowledge, history and culture.

Library Website Design for Mobile

New Audiences

The National Library of Scotland hoped to create a fresh and modern feel for the website, enabling it to engage with new audiences, promote its services and support its wider organisational objectives.

Understanding the Project Objectives

Taking a strategic approach to the design transformation will ultimately see the website aligned with the Library’s core objectives, which are to Safeguard Collections, Improve Access, Promote Research, Support Learning, Inspire Engagement and Reach Out.

New Approach to the User Experience

The approach is designed to create a vibrant visual personality through use of imagery, colour, typography, layout and design of the web page elements as well as enabling access to information more quickly and easily.

Creating an exciting Design Vision

Ensuring that the Library is represented on and offline in an attractive and inviting way is critical given its status as a world-leading centre for the study of Scotland and the Scots people.
Telling stories through the Content

With a wealth of fascinating collections, resources and exhibitions, from the Plague to Family Trees, there are amazing stories about Scotland and its people, providing huge opportunity for developing fascinating and engaging content.

The UX Design refresh of the National Library of Scotland’s website forms the first stage in a broader project which seeks to transform the entirety of the site, including content and structure.

Library Website Design for Desktop

Website Design Approach

Our website design approach uses large imagery to bring the stories of the Library to life. Combined with engaging copy and headlines, these help draw new audiences and provide new perspectives for existing Library users.

UX Vision

The UX vision aligns closely with the Library’s core objectives and aim of making the website accessible and modern.

Safeguarding Collections

Utilising content blocks and careful page layout has helped to promote specific collections and items and ensures full promotion of the variety of collections.

Improving Access

Organisation of website the information is clear and organised to improve access. A slick user experience is delivered through simple branding, a clear main navigation and site layout and text that remain consistent throughout.

Visit the National Library of Scotland website.