Offering Elegance and Beauty to Tajan in Paris

Bringing a globally leading auction house to a whole new online market

Tajan is one of the largest auction houses in France. For thirty years the company has been organising sales of priceless artworks and collectables. Items at sales events include sculpture, jewellery, paintings and watches.

Reaching Out to the Digital World

A growing focus on international markets meant Tajan relied heavily on a robust online presence. Our brief was to design and build a website in Drupal showcasing Tajan’s vast experience and expertise. As a priority, the site would also integrate with a leading online arts marketplace platform. A multi-language facility and some sophisticated search tools were crucial also.

Mobile View of Homepage

Guarantee a Beautiful Site and a Seamless User Journey

Our website design would present logical navigation. It was important also to parade the stunning auction items.

Unite Tajan with a Specialist Global Online Bidding Platform

Invaluable is the art world’s leading location for online bidding. Teaming Tajan with Invaluable would make a huge difference to the auction house’s international reach.

Ensure Tajan’s Website Became Fluent in English

To communicate with buyers in vital territories, an English-language version was required.

Make it Easy to Request an Estimate

Research told us that many site visitors were looking to sell their art and collections. An estimate request tool would quickly meet their needs. Added to this, an advanced search tool would make it simple to find information through keywords.

Keep Things Running Smoothly with Reliable Technical Support

Our sophisticated sites run smoothly in Drupal. But if a patch, update or advice was required, we would be on hand.

UX & Website Design, Drupal Website Development, Multi-Language Website and Integration with Invaluable.

Mobile website design for Tajan

Presenting Collections to Treasure and Navigation to Cherish

A business like Tajan operates in a field of quality and beauty. For this reason we made sure collections of auction items spoke a thousand words. We also ensured these images were easy to change and update. This was vital for an auction house in charge of 60+ sales each year. Site navigation was kept simple but smart. A drop-down header made finding information fast and easy. A large animated header, meanwhile, featured upcoming auction dates.

Adding Value with Invaluable

Tajan had recognised the need to bring Invaluable’s powerful presence into their site. This partnership vastly extended Tajan’s international reach. We integrated the Invaluable platform seamlessly into Tajan’s Drupal website. And prior to launch, thorough testing was carried out by Hookson.

Speaking the World’s Language to Attract More Business

A truly international site has to speak the world’s truly international language. As a result we ensured the site’s English-language version communicated clearly and worked to the same high standard as the French-language site.

Adding Value with Estimate Requests and Advanced Search Features

Extending Tajan’s online offering, we built an estimate request feature into the site. This gave visitors direct access to Tajan’s specialists. Forms asked for item details, and we also ensured it was easy to upload images. Further adding value to a site with lots to offers, we built-in an advanced site-wide search tool.

Being There for Updates, Patches and Customisation

Technical backup is something Hookson takes seriously. Just like all of our clients, Tajan could turn to us with any technical question or for advice on security patches, navigation and updates.

Desktop website design for Tajan

Estimate Request Development, Advanced Search and Software & Maintenance Support.

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