Expanding Toomey & Co’s market reach through an Online Marketplace

Understand how we created this E-Commerce Experience

Engineered for e-Commerce Growth

Toomey & Co. is an auction house specializing in Fine Art, 20th Century Design, Furniture and Decorative Arts, Silver and Jewelry.

The brief was to provide Toomey & Co with a fresh brand and fully optimised website that not only conveyed their personality, but crucially integrated key E-Commerce software solutions within a seamless User Experience.

Deliver an Integrated Auction and Shopping Solution that Extends the Reach to New Customers

With Fine Art markets becoming ever more global, Toomey & Co recognised that their online offering had to appeal to more than local collectors and sellers. Therefore, they approached Hookson to design and deliver an E-Commerce solution that allowed them to do just that – join the global market.

Communicating Services and Informing Users

It’s all very well if the website delivered at the end of the project looks beautiful and offers a wonderful User Experience for visitors; however, if it is not properly optimised through effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), new customers won’t find it in the first place. So, to ensure that didn’t happen, Toomey engaged Hookson to make sure that their new site was expertly optimised.

Delivering a Smooth and Intuitive User Experience

An intuitive User Experience is always important and in this project even more so as the project incorporated additional auction and customer shopping requirements.

Supporting the Brand through UX Design

The website needed a modern design to showcase not only the brand, but also to sympathetically present the items at auction and for sale.

Integration, Integration, Integration

We created a WordPress system that enables trouble-free management of content and seamlessly integrates the ‘back office’ auction house software and supports the online Marketplace, enabling customers to buy items outside of auction direct from Toomey & Co.

Toomey & Co Homepage Website Design

Applying the New Brand Look

Refreshed logotype with a vibrant colour palette applied across the website.

Perfecting the Website Prototype

We followed an agile approach, developing our wireframes into prototypes first for initial user testing, Integration of the Auction and Marketplace online shopping components also featured heavily in user testing.

Designed for Users

Clear focussing of the site’s main menu towards key service areas delivers a cleaner User Experience and journey. Key information is reachable in one click and presented content in logical, easily digestible sections.

While never losing sight of Toomey & Co’s leading Auction House reputation, expanding their market reach through an Online Marketplace has positively differentiated them from peers.

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