Revisiting Art and E-Commerce for the Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust

A New Website Design Recounts an Artistic Story, Showcases Works and Offers Art to Buyers

Creating an Enhanced Online Home For Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust

In 1987, the Scottish artist Wilhelmina Barns-Graham established the trust that bears her name. To this day, the Trust continues enhancing the reputation and understanding of one of Britain’s most significant 20th century artists.

Supporting and Celebrating

Through Barns-Graham’s legacy, the Trust supports young people to fulfil their potential in the visual arts. Alongside this activity, the Trust, via exhibitions, research and publications, celebrates the artist’s life and work.

Redesigning a Website Fit For an Artist

Hookson had previously created a multi-functional website to promote the artist, publicise the Trust and host a high-quality virtual museum. And when the organisation required a significant refresh of the space, we were delighted to work alongside the Trust and design a beautiful new online home.

The site would of course continue its role as an active and curated resource – one speaking with multiple audiences including students and academics, arts professionals, collectors and journalists.

A Site For The Many

Created With Care For An Audience Of Disparate Art Lovers

Space To Admire

Seamlessly Connected With The Leading e-Museum Collections Solution

New Design Solutions

Among new advances characterising this redesign would be a design solution led by striking content blocks and large-scale imagery. UX-pleasing site searches. A considerably enhanced interactive chronology. And an option to donate to the Trust’s activities.

Creating a Visual Language

In consultation with the Trust, we focused first on creating the website’s visual language.

It was important to the Trust, and to Hookson, to ensure the new design reflected the look and feel of the organisation’s existing online shop. But required was a balance: although both elements – website and shop – were to complement one another, simply copying the store’s style was never on the cards.

Instead, we carefully shared design elements including considered use of white space and, crucially, a big, bright focus on Barns-Graham’s outstanding artworks.

A carefully-considered structure made browsing a content-rich resource - and locating information - a snap.

A Blockbusting Solution

As a result, bold, image-rich content blocks led both site aesthetics and navigation, and in turn proudly showcased the artist’s creations. These established a tangible design connection between the website and the shop whilst allowing each space to express itself.

Assisting Exploration

Throughout our design palette, block assets popped from the screen – on desktop, tablet or mobile – and greatly assisted exploration. On offer across these engaging elements was principal content including Biography, Events, and the vast Online Collection.

Continuing this theme, smaller, but no less eye-catching, blocks linked to important areas including Latest News, Grants and Funding information, and the Trust’s formidable Archive and Library resources.

All over a content-rich website, where the risk of overwhelming visitors was high, the blocks structure solution made browsing and locating information a snap. And bolstering navigation further, a newly designed top menu offered another route to exploration.

Sold On Art

Providing A Tasteful Online Shop And Experience

Clarity Counts

Thoughtful Design Leads Navigation

Presenting a 24/7 e-Museum

To display Barns-Graham’s works at their best, we had integrated a built-for-purpose online gallery asset into the wider website.

We created this component on the market-leading eMuseum platform, whose developers Hookson worked alongside.

Smooth Journeys Across Every Device

We of course thoroughly tested this asset prior to launch. This guaranteed smooth journeys across all devices and ensured our interface and eMuseum’s system operated seamlessly.

Categorised via themes and criteria like medium, chronology and exhibiting history, the Collection was fully searchable. The result was an invaluable go-to resource and a real win for both the website and for visitor UX.

Great News for Visitors

Year-round, the Trust works hard to promote Wilhelmina Barns-Graham’s work and legacy. Consequently, a busy roster can include exhibitions and events, articles and film projects.

Adding value to the website’s News section – the location gathering all of these disparate activities – we built in a powerful filtering function. Now, visitors could search, via categories, this regularly updated roll call of content. This greatly aided UX and granted improved visibility to these offerings.

Celebrating a Life in Art

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham enjoyed a prolific career as an artist. And it was of course essential that the Trust’s website mapped the entirety of her life from 1912 – 2004.

Crucial also was to record and present subsequent activities, for example the emergence of new catalogues, publications and exhibitions.

A New Interactive Asset

Hookson therefore set about creating an extensive, illustrated chronology page. Regularly punctuated by archive photographs of the artist and her works, this interactive asset encouraged engagement and exploration: a treasure trove for those learning of the artist’s life and career.

Attractive, and easy to navigate, like every other page, we ensured this asset was updateable by the Trust itself – with Hookson on hand to offer guidance.

Making it Easy to Help Out and Stay in Touch

The addition of a donation facility made it easy for visitors to assist the Trust’s work. A simple PayPal form engendered trust and offered also the option of donating once or monthly. And finally, alongside social share buttons, an unfussy one-click form invited sign-ups to news and events.

Thoughtfully designed throughout, the Trust's website is a rich resource offering a best-in-class online gallery, UX-focused e-commerce and extensive, searchable information. It's a true go-to location.

A Project we Loved

For Hookson, this latest digital product has been a pleasure to work on and enhance. We are proud to have contributed to the ultimate home of all things Wilhelmina Barns-Graham.

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