At Hookson we have been perfecting our content creation techniques for years through experience, a variety of exciting projects and a love of the English language. Content marketing is used to engage with your customers by speaking their language; it’s about striking up a conversation with relevant and enticing copy.

Imagine this scenario: you’re sitting at home enjoying your favourite TV show and some much-needed downtime when an advert pops up on the screen – it’s annoying isn’t it? It is also the universal signal for a tea break.

Invasive, in your face advertising may work for some, but an increasing number of companies and big brands are putting more and more emphasis on the power of content. Customers can leisurely browse through your website, engaging with this information without feeling bombarded.

Content marketing is inbound, encouraging the customer to come to you. This prospect is built on nurturing the relationship between you and your customer rather than simply pushing them to purchase. Initially, you must have faith that by providing users with helpful and interesting information, they will reward you with loyalty and business.

The issue with content marketing is this: if everyone’s doing it, how can I stand out? Creating great content takes time and requires a lot of insight into your target market. There are a few simple rules to help you succeed: be consistent, be human, speak to the customer and measure performance to continually improve your strategy. Need a hand? Get in touch!