Sharing the benefits of cyber security through responsive website design

Cyber Security Specialists

ZoneFox, the cyber security specialists, help their customers protect business-critical assets, data and IP. By protecting customers’ reputation, sales revenue, and competitive advantage through ‘next generation’ data layer monitoring and analytics, ZoneFox’s track record speaks for itself.

ZoneFox wanted a content-rich website to initiate effective conversations with customers. To achieve this, we created a new visual language for the homepage. We then applied this to all assets including the main advertising sliders promoting current cyber related news such as ‘How ZoneFox caught a Data Thief’. The homepage reflects a topical, news-focussed look and feel, with a variety of news related areas delivering content. The Hookson produced online film sees the Fox take centre stage on the home page, providing a succinct introduction to the ZoneFox software.


ZoneFox Website

The ZoneFox website acts as a hub, providing potential customers with access to information on cyber security, the online demonstration film and important content such as white papers, case studies and explanatory infographics on how the ZoneFox software works.

Hookson collaborated with ZoneFox to identify and then prioritise their content. Next, we built a detailed site plan before transitioning that to an online prototype. A detailed content guide supported development and completion of content for the website.

We created a sliding sub-navigation menu to categorise the different assets areas. This optimises the user experience by allowing customers to stay on the same landing page while browsing their selected content on the website.

You view the Fox in action here – acquired by Fortinet.